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Rana Philips enlisted in the U.S. Army and was assigned to Abu Fasaud Central Prison. She took part in the abuse of prisoners there, and her supposed fiancé, Sergeant Jeffrey Ivey was also allegedly involved, taking photos of the abuse although never appearing in them. After telling Philips he was leaving her for another woman, she shot and killed him. At her court martial, Philips was sentenced to death, but General John Ryker freed and transformed her, using DNA from the Abomination, into a superhuman powerhouse. As Aberration she was given a place on Ryker's Gamma Corps: Black.

Aberration and her teammates, Axon and Morass, were assigned to abduct Lyra, the Hulk (Bruce Banner)'s daughter from an alternate future, to be brought back to the Origins Corporation for genetic harvesting, and seize Lyra's Boudicca; a sentient technological device which stole information belonging to Norman Osborn. Lyra escaped from the initial confrontation, seemingly killing Morass, and Aberration and Axon fled. Between dehydration from hiking for hours through the desert and being drained of her energy to replenish Axon's depleting stores, Aberration was on the verge of collapse until discovering a town. Storming a small shop after mauling a few bikers, Aberration drank until her strength was restored. Using the remaining townspeople as bait, she lured Lyra out into the open and attacked. Caught in an explosion after Lyra threw her into a fuel pump, Aberration's body attempted to rapidly replace all the burnt tissue, forming massive cancerous growths and extra appendages, leaving her horribly disfigured. Lyra then drove a large metal pole through her brain, apparently killing her.






Green (as Philips); Green (as Aberration)


Brown (as Philips); Green (as Aberration)

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