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Ananastasia dropped out of FBI training when she could not complete the psych training, which included handling Bellevue patients. After working as a security specialist in Miami, she was imprisoned for an undisclosed offense under an assumed name. Upon release, Anna took a job as an exotic dancer before discovering a talent for tattoo art. She was later romanced by several mobsters, including Vincent Calabresse, Anna had a secret affair with Officer Fred Pierson. Calabresse assigned former rapper Busta Bloodvessel, to be Anna's personal bodyguard. Anna and Pierson plotted to use Deadpool (Wade Wilson) to free her of her mobster lovers and cash in on a million dollar insurance policy on Pierson's wife.

Ananastasia acted as go-between for Pierson, who hired Deadpool to kill Anna's other lovers under the pretense that the mobsters had threatened his family over Pierson's undercover work. Deadpool became overly captivated by Anna's beauty, and she seemed genuinely attracted to him despite his grotesque disfigurements. Following her murder of Pierson's wife, which she arranged to look like an expert mob hit, Deadpool botched his attempted hit on Calabresse, who was the only survivor of his efforts. Deadpool became suspicious of Busta Bloodvessel and informed Anna that the bodyguard might be in cahoots with the mobsters. Seeing that her plan was starting to fall apart, Anna ambushed Deadpool, by knocking him unconscious with a shovel, and with the assistance of the gullible Pierson, she buried Deadpool alive.

Pierson later attempted to double-cross Anna over the insurance money, and found himself tied up in the back seat of the car, while she returned to save Deadpool. Now feeling that situation was hopeless Pierson told Deadpool the whole thing was a setup orchestrated by the manipulative Anna. These were his last words before she murdered him and Sandee Savage with the same gun she used to kill Pierson's wife. Calabresse and Bloodvessel approached as Anna tried to convince Deadpool to run away with her, while a furious Calabresse forced Bloodvessel to crash his car in an attempt to kill Anna. However, the car exploded killing Calabresse and leaving Bloodvessel unconscious. Anna tried to prove her sincerity and trust in Deadpool by giving him her gun, but he apparently shot her. It is unknown if she survived the shooting.




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