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Busta Bloodvessel was a rapper, although he was forced to find a new occupation after having a heart attack. He found work in the mob working under Vincent Calabresse, who eventually assigned him to work as bodyguard of the stunning tattoo artist Ananastasia. Bloodvessel became very suspicious of Anna and her relationship with Johnny (Deadpool) who had suddenly began hanging around the tattoo shop, so he had them followed by his girlfriend Sandee Savage. Sandee discovered that Anna was into some very murderous activities of her own as she witnessed the apparent murder of a superhero and the real murder of Fred Pierson, at the hands of Anna. While reporting her findings to Busta, Sandee was killed by Anna as well. Busta was highly upset with these events as was his boss, who snatched the steering wheel of the car in an attempt to kill the treacherous Anna, although these actions led to the car exploding killing Calabresse and leaving Busta unconscious.








None (shaved bald)

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