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Fred Pierson



Fred Pierson was a member of the New York City Police Department, he spent two years undercover to bring down six known families of mobsters. During that time he was able to compile enough evidence to bring their cases to court, although it appears that greed had got the best of him as well. Pierson approached the mercenary known as Deadpool after he effectively captured a minor bank robber called the Sack, informing Deadpool that his special talents would be need for an important job, and arranged a meeting at the Brooklyn Bridge at 9pm. The job would net the mercenary over a million dollars, and rid the city of some very evil men that have killed many of innocent people during their rise to power.

Pierson instructed Deadpool to go to the Tattoo Shop and ask for Ananastasia, who would provide him with all the information that he would need to bring down the mob bosses. Pierson never revealed to Deadpool that the bosses were all former lovers of Ananastasia and the two of them were using him to get them out of their lives, so that they could have a life together once they got the insurance money from his wife's death, which Ananastasia had crafted to look like a mob hit.

After all the mobsters were dead with the exception of Vincent Calabresse, Pierson and Ananastasia doubled-crossed Deadpool and buried the mercenary a live, although when Fred tried to short change Ananastasia on the insurance money, she tied him up and dug Deadpool up. Fred tried to convince Deadpool that they both had been used by the stunning Ananastasia, who quickly shut him up by killing him.









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