The Super-Skrull, Explained

Gifted with the powers of the Fantastic Four, the Skrull’s greatest warrior is now a key galactic player.

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The Complete History of the Skrull Empire

Retrace the origins of the shape-shifting Skrulls through their timeline in the comics.



‘Empyre’: The Heroic Lineage of Emperor Hulkling

The new King of Space hails from a family of Super Heroes!



When Dorrek VII killed the Skrull emperor & married the princess R'kill, he became emperor & later had a daughter, kind-hearted Anelle, whom he deemed unworthy for the throne. Despite her father's protests & her own better judgment, Anelle fell in love with the cruel & power-hungry warlord Morat, who was unable to win Dorrek's favor. Morat, responsible for the murder of Earthling Franklin Storm, later captured Earth's heroic Fantastic Four when they sought to avenge Storm; Morrat initially kept their capture secret, hoping to use them in his plans to overthrow Dorrek, but his treason was soon exposed. Morrat was executed for his crimes, though Anelle unsuccessfully tried sacrificing herself in Morrat's place. Months later, Anelle flirted with Kl'rt the Super-Skrull, but she eventually fell in love with Kree hero Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) during a time when he was captured by Dorrek. Anelle helped Marvel & his Avengers allies escape, having Kl'rt cover for them. After a tryst with Mar-Vell, Anelle became pregnant & later gave birth to a son, Dorrek VIII, who was prophesied to be a savior to the Skrull & Kree people, supposedly destined to end their centuries-long war. Dorrek VIII grew up on Earth, where he became the hero Hulkling. In time, R'kill murdered Dorrek VII & took control of the empire, but R'kill & Anelle were both among the billions of Skrulls killed when Galactus consumed their homeworld




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