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Crossfire hired Silencer to kill Hawkeye when Hawkeye and Mockingbird found out there were illegal activities taking place at Cross Technological Enterprises. Silencer followed Hawkeye back to his apartment and attempted to kill him in his sleep. Hawkeye awoke before Silencer was able to shoot and, with the help of Mockingbird, foiled the assassins attempt at his life. Silencer was able to escape by jumping out a window. Later that night, Hawkeye and Mockingbird broke into Cross Technological Enterprises to try and find incriminating evidence, but were interrupted by Silencer. During the fight, both Silencer and Hawkeye fell out of a window and landed on Hawkeye’s sky-mobile. The two fought on the sky-mobile until they both fell towards a smokestack. Hawkeye fell into the smokestack, while Silencer fell onto the rim. Believing Hawkeye to be dead, Silencer turned away looking for a way to climb down. It was then that Hawkeye grabbed Silencer’s foot and pulled him into the smokestack and possibly falling to his death.




115 lbs.





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