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Thanantos is the son of the Nox. He is a personification of death and has the responsibility of escorting the souls of the dead into the underworld. Thanatos materialized in the presence of the Avengers, led by the “Lion of Olympus” Hercules and his sister Athena, who were engaged in a heated battle with the Olympus Group led by Hera. Thanatos announced that one amongst them was going to die by the completion of their battle. A patient Thanatos waited idly by for the end of the chaotic confrontation, he began to believe that it was the soul of Athena that he had come to retrieve, when she was defeated by Delphyne Gorgon. But Athena was able to make a quick recovery, by inheriting the "Divine Thunderbolt" of Zeus. However, Zeus and Hera met their deaths at the hands of Typhon last of the Olympian Titans, and Thanatos fled the battlefield with their souls.


6’ 1”


205 lbs.





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