Black Dwarf, despite his name, is the largest and most powerful of Thanos’ sinister alien alliance, the Black Order. He is the brother of team leader and Thanos’ general, Corvus Glaive, and brother-in-law to Corvus’s wife and fellow Black Order team member, Proxima Midnight. He prefers oversized cosmic weapons like maces and axes to deliver blows powerful enough to crack asteroids in half.

Black Dwarf

Brother of the General

Black Dwarf is somewhat of a celestial nihilist and at peace with the oblivion that Thanos seeks. He was recruited by the Mad Titan to be a member of the Black Order due to his raw, near-limitless strength. The purpose of the Black Order was to subjugate planets in preparation for Thanos conquering and ruling over them; the malevolent group was also tasked in finding the Infinity Stones.

After several such successful campaigns, Thanos ordered Black Dwarf to Wakanda on Earth, because he believed that Illuminati member Black Panther possessed one of the Stones, and because Earth was next on the list to be razed.

As Powerful as a Black Dwarf Star

Black Dwarf’s skin is unbreakable; he has been attacked by the universe’s most powerful heroes at the same time and has come out unscathed. He’s also impossibly strong and has near-unlimited endurance.

Black Dwarf also wields massive bladed and blunt force weapons of incalculable power that are almost as big as he is.

An Enemy of Thanos is an Enemy of Black Dwarf

Wakanda and Black Panther successfully repelled Black Dwarf’s attack, and Black Dwarf was not pleased.

Black Dwarf

The Avengers in general are also sworn enemies of Black Dwarf and the other members of the Black Order, because theyre in the way of Thanoss goals. Later, when the Black Order are resurrected, the Avengers interfere with their plans once again, this time on Earth.


Allies of Destruction

Black Dwarf serves one master alone, and that is Thanos. He follows the cosmic conqueror’s orders without question and will kill and destroy anyone or anything if Thanos wills it.

Black Dwarf is also loyal to his brother and fellow Black Order member Corvus Glaive, and Corvuss wife Proxima Midnight.







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Dwarf Stars

When Black Dwarf and an army of Thanos’ minions invaded Wakanda to find the Reality Stone, they encountered unexpected resistance from the African nation’s army and advanced technology as well as from T’Challa and Shuri. The Black Order’s bruiser landed and challenged Black Panther to one-on-one combat. He lost, and Black Dwarf and his forces retreated.

Black Dwarf

Thanos was not pleased at this failure, and removed Black Dwarf from the group, though the Mad Titan gave him one final chance to prove himself. Black Dwarf was assigned to protect Atlantean colony The Peak, annexed by Thanos. The Avengers and their allies successfully took it back, and a blow from Ronan the Accuser and his Universal Weapon to Black Dwarf’s face ended his life.

Black Dwarf

Two Elders of the Universe, the Challenger and the Grandmaster, confronted each other on Earth and each brought a team of villains to fight the other, using the Avengers as pawns. The Challenger chose the Black Order, and resurrected all the dead members for that purpose, including Black Dwarf.

The first order of business for the newly reformed Black Order was to blow up Avengers Mansion; new member Voyager teleported the team away to safety, and the game was afoot. Eventually, the Challenger lost and the Black Order fled to the planet Angargal. There, they were met by the Grandmaster, who made them a mysterious offer.