Cull Me Maybe

Little is known about Cull Obsidian’s origin. As a Child of Thanos, it is more than likely he was recruited as part of a civilization that Thanos conquered and culled, in the same manner as Gamora and Nebula.

Cull’s Capabilities

Cull Obsidian possesses extraordinary super human strength. At one point, after Hulk attacks Thanos, Cull tries to intervene, obviously spotting Hulk as a monster he thinks he can defeat in a fight. Ebony Maw holds Cull back though, allowing Thanos the honor of victory.

Though not tested by Hulk, Cull is strong enough to withstand most of Iron Man’s nanotech suit weaponry, Black Panther’s kinetic energy punch, and punches from Bruce Banner while Banner wears the the Hulkbuster 2.0 armor.

On top of this outrageous might and resilience, Cull also wields a formidable war hammer. Cull is known to throw the hammer forward into his enemies, decimating them, before using the attached chain to yank it back into his hand.

Black Dwarf

Tests of Strength

Cull Obsidian meets little resistance before arriving on Earth to assist Ebony Maw in retrieving the Time Stone. So, it is unlikely that he has any tried and true enemies from before, though he no doubt left many civilizations hating and fearing him.

Once on Earth, Cull finds himself with his hands full while battling Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Spider-Man, who stop him in his attempt to get the stone.

After losing his left hand in New York, thanks to Wong, Cull joins the assault on Wakanda and arrives with a new cybernetic limb. There, he faces down a whole new slew of Super Heroes, including Captain America, Bruce Banner (in Hulkbuster 2.0 armor), and Black Panther. This group is eventually joined by Rocket, Groot, and Thor—the latter of whom Cull Obsidian had previously met when Thanos and his followers attacked Thor’s ship, decimating his people.

Loyalty Rewards

Cull Obsidian serves one directive: Thanos’ plot to cut populations in half. He helps bring about this malicious plan by first going planet to planet to do so, and then by helping Thanos track down all six Infinity Stones, so that his master can fulfill his destiny with one finger snap.

Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, and Ebony Maw—all fellow Children of Thanos—are also part of this endeavor, and trusted allies of Cull Obsidian. It is possible that Gamora and Nebula were also once part of this brutal brigade.

Thanos’ Will

Cull Obsidian was present when Thanos tracked Loki, and the Space Stone he possessed, to an Asgardian refugee ship and aided Thanos in quelling the failed resistance that followed—which included the defeat of Thor and the Hulk.

With Thanos now in possession of two Infinity Stones, the Children of Thanos were sent to Earth to retrieve two more. Cull teamed up with Ebony Maw. Together, they invaded the lower half of Manhattan, near Doctor Strange’s Greenwich Village Sanctum Sanctorum, in order to get the Time Stone that was in Strange’s possession. They were instantly met with resistance by Strange, Wong, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.

Cull held his own, but had notable difficulties taking down enemies who were faster than him, including Iron Man and Spider-Man. Causing a lot of destruction near Washington Square Park, Cull finally got Iron Man in a vulnerable spot, but his efforts were thwarted by Wong, who teleported the giant to a far off, snowy terrain. Cull tried to return through the portal before it closed, but Wong acted quickly; Cull lost his left hand as the magic circle snapped shut around his arm.

Cull obtained a new hand—a robotic one that could double as a weapon—before returning to the fight, joining Proxima Midnight as Thanos’ emissaries, before they launched a huge assault on Wakanda using an army of genetically engineered Outriders. During the battle that followed, Cull used his strength and wickedly dangerous hammer to fell foes left and right.

Black Dwarf

When Corvus Glaive flushed out Vision from Shuri’s laboratory, Cull went right for him and the Mind Stone. He was thwarted by Bruce Banner, wearing Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster 2.0 armor, though Cull gained an early advantage in the fight, removing a Hulkbuster arm. Unfortunately for Cull, Banner was able to improvise, shoving the detached arm onto Cull’s own left stump, activating the repulsor beam, and sending him hurling up to the Wakanda force field dome that loomed above them. With his body violently pulled along the powerful energy field, Cull Obsidian was torn apart and exploded.