Black Panther (S'Yan)

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Hailing from a long line of Black Panthers, S’Yan steps up to the plate when his nation needs him and takes the mantle of Wakanda's famed protector with pride.


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Black History Month: The Black Panther

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S’Yan fulfills many roles in his lifetime: a loyal and royal Wakandan, a steadfast brother to the nation’s ruler, a wise uncle, and a Black Panther in his own right.


Born into Greatness

Born to Wakanda’s king Azzari the Wise, AKA Black Panther, and Queen Nanali, S’Yan grows up alongside his brother T’Chaka who would one day rule in their father’s stead. However, when an enemy known as Ulysses Klaw, AKA Klaw, slays his brother, S’Yan takes up his family’s legacy as the Black Panther until T’Chaka’s successor comes of age and proves his mettle.


Heart-Shaped Herb

Like his father and brother before him, S’Yan takes the heart-shaped herb when he takes up the duties of the Black Panther. The herb endows him with enhanced senses and physical attributes. With these superhuman abilities, S’Yan protects Wakanda and its people.


Fight Tooth and Klaw

S’Yan’s enemies include the criminal Klaw, who kills his brother T’Chaka. He eventually serves justice to Klaw when he faces him as the Black Panther. He also goes head to head with Victor von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom’s forces as they attempt to acquire Vibranium.


Royal Allies

S’Yan is allied most closely with his family, and takes his role as Black Panther to heart. He follows the rules established in Wakandan society and steps down in favor of T’Challa when he bests him in combat. He then serves as one of T’Challa’s advisors and ultimately gives his life to save Queen Ramonda.


Wakanda’s Protector

Despite the Black Panther mantle being a hereditary title, it still must be earned, and any Wakandan has the right to prove themselves on Challenge Day. One such day, S’Yan as Wakanda’s protector carried out his duty and faced the candidates. He donned his Black Panther suit and fought the challengers successfully until he was beaten by a masked man. When that masked man revealed themselves, it was T’Challa, son of T’Chaka. S’Yan stepped down as the Black Panther, allowing the winner to take his place as the rightful protector.

S’Yan then acted as an advisor to T’Challa and the Royal Family. When T’Challa ended up in a life-threatening coma, S’Yan advised Queen Ramonda to enact the protocols necessary that would install a new Black Panther in the interim.

When Doctor Doom sought to acquire Wakanda’s Vibranium and increase his powers, he exploited a Wakandan tribe to gain access. Using nanite cameras, he made them unknowing spies to carry out his nefarious plans. Through them, he bypassed Wakanda’s security measures but T’Challa halted his efforts by making the Vibranium useless. During this time, S’Yan took a fatal bullet while protecting Queen Ramonda.



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