Blockbuster (Bart Dietzel)

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Viewing himself as a nobody, Bart Dietzel jumped at the opportunity to become a major player when Silas Cragg offered to make him the equivalent of Captain America by administering a serum he developed. In return, Dietzel would have to use his new powers to destroy the man he was modeled after. Cragg tricked Captain America into attending a charity benefit at a home for orphaned children, and that is when Dietzel – now calling himself the Man-Brute – attacked. Despite his lack of skill, Man-Brute was stronger, faster and more durable than his opponent, and Captain America was sure to suffer a major defeat if not for the intervention of one courageous boy that turned out to be Dietzel's son. Man-Brute fled, and Captain America gave chase, but his attacker was too fast for him. Enraged he was duped into nearly killing a good man in front of his own son, Man-Brute delivered the news that Captain America yet lived. Fearful of his creation's intentions, Cragg accidentally backed into a high voltage panel and was electrocuted. Man-Brute vowed to never use his powers again.

It was a promise he kept until the thought of his son living in foster care, thinking his father was a rat for beating up on Captain America, was something he could no longer tolerate. Calling himself Blockbuster, he decided to rob banks to get the money he needed to get his son back. It was a decision that led him into conflict with Omega. The two battled furiously until Omega learned of Blockbuster’s plight. Relating to his enemy's situation, Omega let Blockbuster escape. It wasn’t long before he crossed paths with Omega again only this time a reward was offered for Blockbuster’s capture. Omega couldn't pass up the chance as he was now in need of money to take care of one he thought of as a son, James-Michael Starling. He resorted to underhanded tactics to wear Omega down including threatening the life of Omega's one true friend, Gramps. Blockbuster had Omega by the throat and threatened to snap his neck, but he was disintegrated by Foolkiller before he could carry out the threat.









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