Awakened in the dead of night when Omega confronted three burglars in the midst of robbing his pawn-shop, Gramps befriended the heroic stranger - stitching his gunshot wound before offering him a job. He extended every courtesy to Omega including giving him a place to sleep and some much needed company. Gramps even came to Omega's rescue when the villainous El Gato summoned several cats to attack Omega. Not much for physical fighting, Gramps used a wrench to let loose a blast of water from a nearby hydrant to douse the feisty felines, forcing them to disperse. Soon after, Gramps would suffer a terrible loss when the murderous Wrench killed Gramps' girlfriend. The event left him angry; wishing all vermin similar to his sweetheart's slayer would be dealt with on a more permanent basis. Still, when Omega asked for money, Gramps gave him all he could spare without even knowing what it was for. Omega would return the gesture by saving Gramps' life when Blockbuster sought to end it. Omega decided he needed more money to help his ward, James-Michael Starling, and took Gramps to Las Vegas. The two won a small fortune, but they were attacked in their hotel room by Ruby Thursday who took their winnings. Gramps was injured, but he survived the assault.









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