Bride of Nine Spiders (Immortal Weapons)

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Appearing to be a delicate girl, it is said that the Bride of Nine Spiders has the coldest blood imaginable running through her veins. Whether that is true or not, there is no denying she is a fearsome fighter that can bring any opponent to his knees. Such was the case when she was chosen to participate in the second match of round one in the tournament between the seven cities of Heaven. Her rival was Dog Brother #1, and even though he is a known assassin, she showed him no mercy as she unleashed the deadly swarm of spiders beneath her breast. Even after he attacked her directly, and the battle was taken out of the Heart of Heaven, it wasn’t long before Dog Brother #1 suffered defeat at her hands. Despite her cold personality, Bride of Nine Spiders attended dinner with the other Immortals Weapons following the match between Prince of Orphans and Davos. When the Prince of Orphans approached her and the other combatants, she was asked to join his cause in meeting a horde of Hydra forces intent on destroying K'un-Lun. Bride of Nine Spiders agreed once she discovered her home was in danger of being destroyed as well. Using her amazing abilities, the Bride felled many Hydra soldiers, and with their defeat, came a claim of an Eighth Capital City of Heaven. She chose to remain on Earth with her new teammates to look further into this notion.

Silent and eerie as ever, the Bride of Nine Spiders has proven to be a valuable ally – especially when the man known as the Servant of the Ch'i-Lin came to claim the life of Iron Fist. She fought with the other Immortal Weapons, in Iron Fist's defense, and stood with her allies at the gates of the Eighth Capital City of Heaven, after his recovery. The trip to The Eighth City was treacherous, but her stay inside the brutal place was even worse. Tortured for what seemed an eternity, the Bride of Nine Spiders didn't waste her chance to exact her revenge against her captors once she and the Immortal Weapons broke free of that miserable place. She made it back to Earth, along with the rest.

Even though her torments in hell were over, it didn't mean the Bride of Nine Spiders would be free from man's treachery. An assailant - unknown to her - wished to capture her for his own egocentric needs. He used a very special spider, belonging to her predecessor, which could sing a tune able to summon her and hold her as his prisoner. If it wasn't for a band of highly paid thieves who broke into his home in search of the Singing Spider, she may never have broken the hold. The Bride of Nine Spiders slew her captor and showed pity on the thieves. She left with the spider but not before warning her mercy is shown only once.






Blue (normal); Black (when accessing her powers)



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