Singing Spider

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This unusual creature was one of the many spiders loyal to the Bride of Nine Spiders. It obeyed her every command until one fateful day where its mistress fought an enraged Murderous Lion. During the battle this particular spider was injured, and when the Bride vanquished her enemy and traveled through a portal home, this lone individual was left behind. It has survived for over seventy years without food, water or sleep, waiting for its master to reclaim it.

A group of wealthy collectors got their hands on the spider first and auctioned it to the highest bidder. The man who won the Singing Spider, as it came to be known for the strange songs it would vocalize, wished to unlock its secrets for his own selfish purposes. He wanted to summon the Bride of Nine Spiders and hold her captive to be subjected to his every whim. The spider was experimented on in such a fashion that many would call it torture, but the man got what he wanted. Through the spider's song, he found a way to call the Bride to him, but she was not happy about it.

A group of thieves hired to steal the spider entered the lavish home only to find it littered with dead bodies and arachnid corpses. The group experienced horrifying hallucinations because of the spider's song, and they even gazed upon the current Bride of Nine Spiders, a prisoner to the song as well. Once the song, played through an audio device, was silenced, the Bride of Nine Spiders was able to free herself, slay her jailor, and bestow the rarest gift of all upon the others – her kindness. She left the thieves alive and took the Singing Spider home with her where it belonged.









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