A powerful Kree warrior, Bron-Char allies himself with the Lunatic Legion and carries out vengeance upon the Avengers who killed their leader, the Supreme Intelligence. Char assists in protecting Kree experiments, which lead to numerous human deaths, and believes humans are garbage.


Muscle Man

After the Kree race is decimated by a Nega-Bomb during the Kree-Shi’ar war and their leader the Supreme Intelligence is killed by the Avengers, Bron-Char joins the Kree Admiral Galen Kor’s team who works on an isolated farmstead in upstate New York. There, the remaining Kree survivors recreate the Nega-Bomb and go up against the Avengers who discover their hideout. The Kree soldiers succeed in defeating the Avengers and kidnap three of them, plus one Shi’ar warrior. They depart in a Kree starship entombed underneath the farmland and head for an island.

When Galen Kor orders the Shi’ar warrior to be dispatched, it is Bron-Char who follows his orders but he is attacked by an escaped Heracles, AKA Hercules. The Avengers arrive to rescue their friends and a battle between the group ensues. The Kree arms the Nega-Bomb and leave the area without hostages to face their failure and the one directing their actions, Taneleer Tivan, AKA The Collector.



As a Kree, Bron-Char has the typical physiology of the race, having super-strength, stamina, and durability. He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, able to hold his own in a fight against Captain America, and with one blow destroys his shield.


Kree Enemies

The Avengers killed Bron-Char’s leader the Supreme Intelligence and continue to be a thorn in his side. Earth’s mightiest disrupt Bron-Char’s experiments at the Legionnaires Cape Canaveral facility.

The Inhumans leader Blackagar Boltagon, AKA Black Bolt, and his brother Maximus Boltagon, AKA Maximus, try to stop the Lunatic Legion from raiding the Blue Area of the Moon. Maximus orders Black Bolt to destroy them with his abilities, but they escape in time.



Bron-Char is part of the Lunatic Legion, a group led by Kree Admiral Galen Kor. The group is made up of Kree nationalists that seek vengeance against Earth’s heroes for the destruction of the Supreme Intelligence, their exalted leader, during the Kree-Shi’ar war.


A Warrior’s Chronicle

When Galen Kor and his team rescued the Supreme Intelligence from beneath the surface of the earth, they renamed themselves Lunatic Legion and planned a strike against their enemies. They planned to take vengeance on the Avengers and to revive the Kree race through experimentation. They used Terrigen Mists and an omni-wave projector, Skrull technology, that they stole from the Inhumans’ Blue Area of the moon. While all their tests have failed, their goal is to discover the genetic key to evolving humans into a slave corps. 

When they stole an experimental generator in Boston that they intended to use to destroy humanity, Carol Danvers, AKA Warbird (later Captain Marvel), followed the Lunatic Legion from Boston to an abandoned missile silo near Cape Canaveral. She is defeated and the Legion take her back to their headquarters nearby where they retrieve her genetic code.

Stationed at the headquarters where the Kree test and kill humans, Bron-Char and the facility came under attack by Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, who released Warbird. The Legion responded by targeting all weapons on Warbird while Bron-Char attacked Captain America and destroyed his shield.

The Legion modified the Omni-Wave Projector with Terrigen Mists and programmed it with a variant of Warbird’s genetic code to mutate all of humanity into neo-Kree, but the Legion was again attacked by the Avengers.



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