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Vincent Calabresse



Vincent Calabresse was one of the six New York, Mob Bosses that officer Fred Pierson, hired Deadpool (Wade Wilson) to kill. Pierson informed Deadpool that he had been working undercover for two years, compiling evidence against the wise guys and he has enough evidence to take the trial to court, but he fears for the lives of his family members if it was ever discovered that it was him that ratted them out. Deadpool made quick work of five of the bosses, although his attempt to off Calabresse, went sour went two henchman pulled him from the trunk of a burning car and taken to the Memorial Hospital in Bay Ridge, New York. While in the hospital, Vinnie learns form former rapper, now bodyguard Busta Bloodvessel that the Possa Brothers had died of a fatal accident. Bloodvessel was ordered to come to the hospital for backup, although he was a little too late, Deadpool, used his image inducer to appear as one of the henchmen, and quickly lied to the other (Nikki) that they would receive fifty thousand dollars if they offed Calabresse. Nikki attempted to take out Calabresse, but failed. He would later appear at the location where Ananastasia had dug up the once buried Deadpool and took the lives of Pierson and Bloodvessel girlfriend Sandee Savage. Calabresse forced Bloodvessel to crash his car in an attempt to kill Anna. However, the car exploded killing Calabresse and leaving Bloodvessel unconscious.









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