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William was born into the ClanDestine, being a child of Adam Destine and a creature of pure magic (a genie.) He was born presumably between World War II and the late 60's, and enjoyed living with his other brothers and sisters. William was on hand when the villainous brother, Vincent, was slain by their father for circumstances yet to be revealed. This and other events led to the family adopting the "Relative Strangers Protocol", where the various members split up across the globe to assume alternate identities. William ended up in Australia, where he adopted the name William Chance and soon assumed an acting career. Chance's latest series of films where the "Cap'n Oz" action movies, and he enjoyed unparelled success (not to mention an intimate relationship with his co-star, actress Alice Springs, who portrayed Cap'n Oz's sidekick, Taz.)

More recently, certain crime-fighting exploits of his most recent siblings (known as Crimson Crusader and Imp), caused the existence of the Clan to be known. Several agents of the mutated scientist Lenz tried to kill William looking for their stolen device. Willaim was soon contacted by his sister, "Cuckoo," who explained the situation, but William hestiated to re-establish his association with the Clan.

Note: The following has been revealed to be a part of a nightmarish dream of Rory, the Crimson Crusader, and may not be actual reality: After the battle with Lenz, the family reorganized on the Destine estate, with Willaim joining them soon after. He helped the Crusader and Imp as a chaperone for various escapades, but he always used a different identity and a different costume (the Nightmangler, for example.) William, at this time, revealed that Cuckoo was not a member of the Destine family and presumably fought Vincent when he was resurrected.





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