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Chasing fugitives across the multiverse and trying to prevent future catastrophes, Captain America is not only a hero, but also the shield.


AVENGERS: TWILIGHT (2024) #1 artwork by Daniel Acuña


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Thirty years into the future, in the reality Earth-15061, Danielle Cage protects the world from creeps and cronies as Captain America and reminds them that she is the shield against tyranny!


Born from Super Heroes

Born and raised by Super Heroes Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Danielle Cage inherits her parents’ phenomenal powers. While still a babe, the mad Titan Thanos arrives in her time, invading Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. to build a pair of cosmic cube iso-gauntlets. He succeeds and slays half of Earth’s heroes, calling it Zero Day. Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow, forms the A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S. Initiative, mobilizing those that survive. Using magic and science, they take down Thanos. Danielle grows up under Natasha’s tutelage, calling her Madame Natasha, and learns to fight the battle you’re in, eventually taking up the tried and true red, white, and blue mantle of Captain America.


Natural Authority

Danielle possesses both her parents’ powers, her father’s unbreakable skin and her mother’s superhuman strength. As Captain America, Danielle wields a thought-controlled anti-gravity shield, marked with its signature star and stripes. She also possesses and uses a time machine in a handheld device, akin to a smartphone.


Maniacal Menaces

Danielle’s recurring enemies include the merciless mask of the Golden Skull, a mysterious villain who destroys everything in their path and then sells the rubble. She even follows him through time to stop him. She also battles bio-slaves and automatrons in a future controlled by the megalomaniacal genius robot, Ultron.


Avenger Allies

In her time, Danielle learns much from Avenger Natasha Romanoff. She trusts her implicitly and will follow her to hell and back. When she meets a younger Natasha, she easily trusts her as well. She also fights alongside her multiverse counterparts—all Captain America in their own right—Rebecca Barnes, AKA Bucky, and the U.S.Avengers, led by Robert Da Costa, AKA Sunspot, but known as Citizen V at the time of their meeting.


Captain America Calling

While Danielle was fighting the Golden Skull and his goons, she was suddenly pulled into a vortex and landed four hundred years in the future in a time faced with total extinction. By her side were other Avengers from Earth-616 who were pulled across time and space, including Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, Jane Foster, AKA the Mighty Thor, Black Widow, and Vision, and younger versions of James Rhodes, AKA Iron Man (later War Machine), and Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk.

They were all soon addressed  by the one that brought them there, the infamous Doctor Doom (who was a Doombot that had become an Avenger in a future timeline). Sensing the threat he posed, Danielle threw her shield in defense along with the two Thors who tossed their respective Mjolnir’s at him. He held back their attack but just nearly and suddenly children rushed to his side to defend him. He then calmly explained to these Avengers that the All-Father Ultron had enslaved humanity with his drones and his very own Ultron-edition Avengers. Vision trusted Doom, able to see that he was in fact a Doombot and vouched for him. The time-displaced Avengers agreed to help him against Ultron. Their first goal was to dismantle the source of Ultron’s power at Avengers Tower. The team split up, Danielle accompanying Hulk and Black Widow to sneak in the tower’s hub while the others coordinated a frontal assault and the Thors attacked Ultron at his base.

When the trio faced Ultron’s bio-slaves, they soon encountered an Ultron-controlled Black Widow, and the Hulk seemingly met his end when she stole Danielle’s shield, using it to decapitate him. But all was not lost as the Hulk mutated, and Bruce’s head emerged from the Hulk’s chest. Bruce placed the Hulk’s head atop his shoulders, and it knit itself healed. Danielle’s natural leadership called them to action, and they fought the bio slaves, but it was too late as Ultron’s network hub in Avengers Tower was compromised and transferring control to a backup. Despite their seeming failure to destroy the factory, they were returned to Doom alongside the others where they realized that the backup was in Doom’s control. Without time to react, they were all sent to their respective timelines with the knowledge that they had helped Doom gain more power.

She later battles alongside the New Avengers in a trans-temporal team-up against Reed Richards, AKA The Maker. Her next team-up involved stopping the Golden Skull from another one of his maniacal machinations. He sought out a time machine and successfully went back through time. Danielle followed and teamed up with that time’s U.S.Avengers led by Roberto Da Costa. They searched for his base of operations and through their investigation found him out at the All-In Casino, where she battled his android pirates. The U.S.Avengers provided backup and together, they defeated the Skull. She then returned to her time with her prisoner in tow.



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