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Carol DanversCarol Danvers



Carol Danvers was a former intelligence agent and NASA security chief before joining the Human Defense League shortly after the Age of Apocalypse began. She was sent by the League to direct Weapon X in finding Gateway, who was located in the former X-Men base in Wundagore Mountain. However Donald Pierce and his Reavers attacked the base, flying overhead and blowing it up with a bomb. Gateway teleported himself, Danvers and Weapon X onto the plane and attacked Pierce. As Pierce was about to deliver the killing blow to Weapon X, Danvers managed to intervene and pushed Pierce and herself out of the plane, blowing them both up in midair with a grenade.

Unfortunately this heroic gesture was not to be the end of Danvers. Pierce survived the explosion due to his enhancements and infected Danvers with the same techno-organic virus he had, putting her back together using parts from the other altered humans. Turning her into his pawn, Pierce and Danvers attacked the Human High Council base high above Paris. Carol's mind gained dominance for a short while and begged Weapon X to kill her before she killed Gateway. Weapon X, briefly injured from a gunshot wound, was unable to oblige and Pierce killed her instead.




124 lbs.


No apparent iris's or pupils, white sclera



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