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Donald PierceDonald Pierce



Donald Pierce is the leader of the Reavers and was assigned the task to take out the Human High Council by Apocalypse himself. His attack on the Council airship was halted by Weapon X, despite his Reavers best efforts. While this defeat was a setback, Pierce and his Reavers were assigned a new task by Apocalypse and were sent to Wundagore Mountain, the former base of the X-Men. Encountering Weapon X once more, who was sent by the Council to retrieve Gateway, the Reavers attacked once more with Pierce flying a plane that released a bomb that destroyed the tower Weapon X was located in. However, Weapon X, Gateway and Carol Danvers, who was sent to help Weapon X with his mission, managed to board the plane and attacked Pierce. Carol pushed Pierce and herself out of the plane and released a grenade, exploding in mid-air. Yet Pierce managed to survive due to his regenerative abilities and infected Carol with the same techno-organic virus he had, putting her back together using parts from the other altered humans. Using Carol as a pawn, Pierce attacked the Human High Council once more. Carol tried to fight the implants inside her but was too weak with Pierce having to strike the killing blow. Retaliating, Weapon X apparently killed Pierce by extending his claws that resided in his handless arm.









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