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Gateway was approached by Weapon X to pilot the lead airship in a pre-emptive strike against Apocalypse commanded by the Human High Council. Refusing the proposition, Gateway was about to teleport Weapon X home when Donald Pierce and his Reavers attacked Wundagore Mountain, the former base of the X-Men and the place where Gateway was currently residing. After defeating the Reavers and Pierce, with Carol Danvers sacrificing her own life to defeat the latter, Gateway and Weapon X traveled to Paris where the secret staging area of the armada was located. Gateway decided he would give the Human High Council a chance to convince him to help in their planned attack. After a brief chat with Weapon X, Gateway decided he would help in memory of Carol Danvers. However, Donald Pierce, who managed to survive Danvers assault, attacked the lead airship with Danvers herself, infected with a techno-organic virus, aiding him. Just as Pierce was about to kill Gateway, Weapon X stabbed Pierce through the chest with his claws. As the armada was about to be brought down by Apocalypse's forces, Gateway created a vortex large enough to bring the entire armada to safety.









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