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Charles is the son of Magneto and Rogue. With the help of Nanny, his robotic bodyguard, Charles has lived a relatively normal life for someone who has been constantly on the run while his father directed the X-Men's fight for freedom.

When the X-Men's hideout was attacked by Apocalypse, Nanny attempted to keep the boy safe by escaping into the tunnels beneath the secret headquarters of the X-Men in Westchester. Unfortunately, Nanny and Charles were discovered and Nanny was destroyed by an X-Men traitor named Guido. Jubilee attempted to escape with Charles but Guido stopped her. He kidnapped the boy and took him to Apocalypse.

Along with his father Magneto, Charles was used as bait to draw the rest of the X-Men, and especially Rogue, out into the open. He was eventually saved by his mother who absorbed the powers of Guido and used them to crush him. Charles did lose one of his most consistent babysitters and companions when Blink disappeared during the final battle with Apocalypse. Since then, his mother and father have done their best to raise him as normally as possible. Unfortunately, in a world recovering from near destruction, raising a young child has been far from an easy task for the leaders of the X-Men.




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