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When Jubilee was only six years old, Apocalypse first attacked and conquered North America. At the age of twelve her powers first manifested which drew the attention of Apocalypse's forces. Due to her mutant abilities, she was given the choice of joining the rest of Apocalypse's forces but was persuaded by Gambit to join his X-Ternals and fight for freedom. Despite sometimes regretting her decision, Jubilee became a valued member of the team.

One day, Magneto came to the team and asked them for a favor. He learned from a man named Bishop about the possibility of another reality in which Apocalypse did not rule. He proposed that the X-Ternals travel to the Shi'ar galaxy and steal the M’Krann crystal which was to prove integral to his plan. Magneto told them that Apocalypse's very own librarian Peter Corbeau might be able to help them. However, upon reaching the room in which Corbeau was kept prisoner, the X-Ternals were attacked by the Madri. Jubilee and the rest of the X-Ternals quickly defeated them as Sunspot located Dr. Corbeau. Corbeau revealed that Lila Cheney had mutant powers which came as a surprise to both her and her teammates. As Corbeau tried to bring Lila's powers out of dormancy, the X-Ternals were attacked by Rictor and his Infinites. However, Lila's powers manifested and transported the rest of the X-Ternals to the Shi'ar galaxy, closely followed by Rictor who had jumped into Lila's portal after them. Almost immediately after arriving in the in the Shi'ar galaxy, they were attacked by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Escaping into a nearby forest, Jubilee and the X-Ternals were captured by Jonath and the plant-like creatures the Ch'reesharaa. However they were not held prisoner for long as reality suddenly began to blink out of existence and Jonath revealed that the X-Ternals must prevent the eradication of reality. Jubilee told Gambit that the team were in way over their heads but before they could discuss the matter any further, they were once again attacked by the Imperial Guard and Rictor, who had sided with the Imperial Guard in order to capture the X-Ternals. Before they could be captured, Jubilee and the X-Ternals were transported into a starship and rescued by the Starjammers. The Starjammers agreed to help them in their quest and were brought to the Shi’ar Imperium where the M'Krann crystal was kept. As Jubilee, Sunspot and Guido kept the Sh'ar forces at bay, Gambit went with Lila and Deathbird to steal the M'Krann Crystal. After Gambit successfully received a shard of the crystal, Lila transported the rest of the team back to Earth, sadly without Sunspot who sacrificed his life for the team. As they returned, Gambit split the team into two separate groups in order to escape from Rictor and try and give the crystal shard to Magneto. Jubilee went with Guido but unbeknownst to the team, Guido was actually a secret operative working for Apocalypse. After taking Magneto's son and the crystal shard, Jubilee tried to escape from Guido but was unfortunately captured by the traitor and forced to hand over the crystal shard and Magneto's son.

Despite this setback, Jubilee joined the rest of the X-Men in the final battle with Apocalypse.




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