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Chewie is a fierce Flerken cat and rare breed who uses her dimensional gateway capabilities to protect her family from fearsome foes, including her owner Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel.


Domesticated Darling

Originally from Earth-58163, Chewie the Flerken cat is displaced to Earth-616 where she becomes Carol Danvers’ pet. Carol names her after Chewbacca for two reasons: one, because the cat looks like the Star Wars character and two, she couldn’t think of a better name for her. Often, Carol will talk to Chewie, asking for help and sometimes uses the cat as a weapon against enemies like England’s former Sorcerer Supreme, Sir Warren Traveler.


Dimensional Gateway

Chewie is Flerken, similar to Earth’s cats and a dangerous species. Flerkens are living gateways to pocket dimensions which are located inside of them. They can keep things like eggs and fanged tentacles inside their bodies, where the latter can be used as an offensive weapon. These subspaces are also a means of transport, so chewie can relocate herself and others instantaneously from one place to another, but it’s a messy process involving pink goop.

Flerkens are known across the galaxy to be vicious killers and will defend themselves and those they care about. They also serve as effective alarms, when listened to, by hissing loudly.


A Flerken’s Foes

A goo-like hive seeking Chewie, a rare Flerken, attacks Chewie’s ship and crew who defend themselves and ultimately fend off the creature.


A Cat’s Companions

Carol Danvers is Chewie’s owner and takes care of the cat even after it’s revealed that Chewie is indeed an alien. They support each other through hardships and all-out battles on Earth and across the galaxy.

The Guardians of the Galaxy member Rocket Raccoon, AKA Rocket, initially attacks Chewie on account of its Flerken heritage. Even though Rocket tries to sell Chewie on the intergalactic market, he ultimately promises not to harm the creature and grows to respect her.

Tic is a friend of Carol’s and shows true friendship to Chewie when she takes care of the Flerken cat’s offspring during an attack by a goo-like entity.


A Flerken Cat’s Chronicles

When Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, contacted Carol in her dreams, it was through her cat noting he was in trouble and needed her assistance.

When the Guardians of the Galaxy offered an assist during an attack on Carol’s space craft, Harrison, guardian member Rocket tried to kill Chewie claiming it was a Flerken, a rare and dangerous alien species. He insisted that the Flerken cat needed to be burned before it laid eggs though later gave his word he would not hurt it.

When Rocket tried convincing Carol to sell Chewie, since a living female Flerken is worth a lot on the open market, Chewie warned the crew about a pending attack. Carol though, still believing Chewie to be a domesticated mammal of Earth soon found out that Rocket was right. Carol, the Nowlian Tic from Torfa, and Rocket found Chewie surrounded by an impossible number of eggs in the cargo stow. The attackers sought the Flerken since Rocket had put the word out that he had one in his custody, meanwhile Chewie’s 117 eggs hatched.

The attackers turned out to be a goo-like hive and while the crew fended it off, Chewie released her stored tentacles and attacked it . Carol, afraid she couldn’t keep her Flerken cat and new family safe, said goodbye to Chewie and insisted Tic could get back to Torfa herself. Chewie and Carol shared a tender moment and Carol left them behind at a rescue center. But both Chewie and Tic returned to the ship via Chewie’s transport ability despite Carol’s objections.

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