Flerken are a dangerous yet cute extra-terrestrial race, resembling domesticated cats on Earth, who can store pocket universes within themselves.




Flerken are an extra-terrestrial race of beings that look like Earth’s cats but are in fact alien creatures, who can do wondrous things, like store teeth, tentacles, and even pocket universes in their bodies.


Cutest Alien Species

Their origin remains somewhat mysterious, but Flerken have been spotted in several realities such as Earth-616, Earth-199999, and Earth-TRN711. Chewie the Cat is originally from Earth-58163 but it is unclear if that’s where all Flerken originate from.


The Cat’s Meow

While similar to Earth’s cats in appearance, they are much more than they seem and can be a dangerous species. Flerken are living gateways to pocket dimensions which are located inside of them. They can not only devour a person or alien in mere moments, but they can also keep many things inside their bodies like massive fanged tentacles that emerge from their mouth, which can be used as an offensive weapon. The weight of any matter, such as an alien body, wouldn’t be present in a Flerken stomach.

These subspaces are also a means of transport, so Flerken can teleport themselves and others instantaneously from one place to another, but it’s a messy process that often involves pink goop.

Flerken are known across the galaxy to be vicious killers and will defend themselves and those they care about. They also serve as effective alarms, when listened to, by hissing loudly. Flerken can also understand human conversation.


A Breed Apart

Of the known Flerken, like Chewie the Cat, they tend to connect with others such as Earth-616’s Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, but can also be controlled. On Earth-TRN711, the Kree created a Flerken breeding program and then controlled them with a signal beacon, directing them to attack others.


Cat and Mouse

In reality Earth-616, a goo-like hive similar to a symbiote in structure seeks Flerkens, particularly the rare Flerken Chewie the Cat. In reality Earth-TRN711, the Kree breed and control the Flerken against their will.


Feline Friendlies

Captain Marvel from Earth-616 as well as her counterpart from Earth-TRN711 and their world’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, have been allies to Flerkens. Rocket, a Guardian of the Galaxy from Earth-616 has also been an ally to Chewie the Cat.


The Cat’s Out of the Bag

The Flerken Chewie the Cat was at some point displaced from their home on Earth-58163 and ended up on Earth-616 where she became a pet to Carol Danvers, though Carol remained blissfully unaware of her cat’s alien origin, thinking her merely a housecat. Chewie later revealed her special powers much later when joining Carol on an adventure in space by laying eggs. During this time, a goo-like hive attacked their spacecraft which was seeking Chewie because Carol’s ally Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy informed them of the Flerken’s location. Chewie’s allies, Carol, the Nowlian refugee Tic from Torka, and eventually Rocket helped fend off the hive, but it was Chewie that put a stop to the attack when she released her stored tentacles and gobbled up the hive.

In Earth-TRN711, the Flerken population was bred and controlled by the Kree of that reality. The Kree purposefully sent them to inhabited worlds so that they could one day force them through a beacon to turn on those world’s species. Though that reality’s Captain Marvel, Jessica Drew, and the Guardians of the Galaxy put a stop to the Kree’s plans. Carol directed the Guardians to help relocate the Flerken to their new homeworld.

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