The villain known only as Condor was a brilliant inventor among his people, however he chose to leave his people behind and use his genius for personal gain. He carefully devised a plan to place himself among the criminal elite. His first order of business was to defeat the Sphinx, whom he believed to be a rival crime-lord. Condor created a secret hideout within the mountains of New York and named it Condor's Roost. He filled this hideout with computers and advanced machinery. While soaring above the Atlantic ocean Condor found the fallen Syfon Warrior Powerhouse floating on a raft near a ship. The warrior had no recollection of his past memories, and he was quickly convinced to serve Condor.

The Condor was recently sited patronizing the super-villain sanctuary, known as the "Bar With No Name", where he placed a bet on a fight between Spider-Man (impersonated by Screwball), and neophyte villain Basher. However, while watching the monitor, a second Spider-Man appeared, and he quickly realized that he had been scammed by the Bookie. The Bookie was swiftly taken from the Bar, by the angry Enforcers. The real Spider-Man arrived at the Bar seeking to talk to the Bookie and was fought by Condor and the other villains in the Bar. This fight was broken up by the bartender.

Condor has not been seen since this incident.




213 lbs.


Red (formerly brown)


Bald (formerly black)

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