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Little is known about when the Contessa joined the adventurers calling themselves the Confederates of the Curious, but there is no denying her importance to the group. Playing her part as a covert operative within the Confederates, the Contessa infiltrated the notorious Nine-Fold Daughters of Xao on a mission to procure the stolen Last Will and Testament of Orson Randall. The Contessa revealed herself and turned the tide of battle just as the Daughters of Xao thought they had Randall at their mercy. She also proved herself to be able to take the reigns of the team in Orson’s absence when their teammate Chores was taken captive by the Cowgirls from Hell. Randall went to rescue him, but when the mission went awry, the Contessa led the rest of the Confederates into the fray to save them both.

The Confederates of the Curious were finished after that encounter, but the Contessa and her lover, Lucky Pierre hadn’t seen the last of Orson Randall. The Prince of Orphans, John Aman, had taken Randall’s dying father captive, and Orson need the Contessa and L.P. to go under cover once more to find out where Aman had hidden his father. Contessa and L.P. visited several hospitals until they hit the jackpot when they stumbled upon a facility operated by the terrorist group Hydra. They reported back to Orson, and the rest was up to him. Now, many years later, the Contessa has grown much older, like the rest of the group, but she has lived an astonishing long life because of the many times Randall used his healing powers to save her from any injuries she may have sustained during their time together. Nevertheless, time has caught up to her, and the Contessa is now completely blind and lives in a villa in France with L.P. and Chores. She recently had the pleasure of meeting Danny Rand, the son of another of her former group, Wendell Rand. Before she met him, however, Danny and L.P. had to save them from a group of Hydra soldiers determined to finish off the Confederates once and for all.









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