Lucky Pierre (Ernst Erskine)

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Lucky Pierre was a journalist and met Orson Randall, a man who held the title of the Iron Fist, after WWI and the two shared many wondrous adventures together. One of the first was in 1928 in a place hidden in the Himalayas, when the Lightning Lords of Nepal hunted Randall for the murder of their father. The Lightning Lords were working with the Bride of Nine Spiders, and she was searching for Orson for very different reasons. The odds were against Orson surviving the night, but just as things looked their worst, L.P. rode in on horseback and pulled his companion to safety.

After that, the two travelers began taking in other misfits and outcasts, making a family of adventurers calling themselves the Confederates of the Curious, and began embarking on missions. The Confederates soon found themselves in a conflict against the Nine-Fold Daughters of Xao. The Daughters of Xao had stolen something from Orson, and the Confederates were aiming to get it back. During the battle, Randall was distracted and one of the malevolent witches was about to shoot him in the back, but L.P. wouldn’t stand idly by and let that happen. He drew his gun, and with a little help from another of their group, Wendell Rand, shot first killing the evil woman before she could do the same to Orson. Much later, Lucky Pierre would stand with Orson as he faced such menaces as the Cowgirls from Hell and the Prince of Orphans. The Confederates would eventually break away from Randall, but L.P. would not hear the last of him. As Aman continued his pursuit of Orson, which eventually led to the kidnapping of Orson’s dying father, L.P. and his lover, the Contessa, helped Orson track the Prince of Orphans to a hospital run by Hydra.

However, more years went by and L.P. lost touch with the ever-running Orson Randall. He lived life longer than most would dream because of the number of times Randall used his amazing healing powers of the Iron Fist on him. Orson even cured L.P. of tuberculosis that would have been certain death. One day, a man by the name of Danny Rand came to visit Lucky Pierre in his villa in France, but Danny knew L.P. by his real name, Ernst Erskine. Danny came to hear of the life and times of a recently deceased Orson Randall from the man who knew him best. Ernst was eager to tell of their adventures even though he was sad to hear of the passing of his friend. He also told Danny that another member of the Confederates of the Curious, Shadu the Shady, had also recently left the world of the living, and how the years had begun to take their toll on the surviving members of the former band of adventurers. Still, Erskine had another chance to prove that he was a true hero when a small faction of Hydra soldiers attacked the villa, and one of them, disguised as a nurse, attempted to take the life of Chores MacGillicuddy. Erskine took his revolver and shot the nurse dead while Danny, the new Iron Fist, took care of the rest of the terrorists. Before Danny left the villa, Ernst showed Danny a library filled with books dedicated to Orson Randall’s life. Erskine left Danny to browse through them as he went back to his friends to entertain them with yet another story from the past.

Not long after, Danny contacted Ernst, now dying because Orson's healing powers are quickly fading, to ask him about a man named Zhou Cheng. Ernst told Danny how Orson evaded Zhou by masking his chi, using drugs to stay hidden.








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