Confederates of the Curious



The Confederates of the Curious are a band of adventurers led by Orson Randall, a man who wielded the power of the Iron Fist. It has yet to be revealed how they formed as a group, but there is no mistaking the close bond the members have to one another. The first by Randall’s side was Lucky Pierre, or L.P. as Orson referred to him often. L.P. was there when Orson faced the Lightning Lords of Nepal and their mistress, the Bride of Nine Spiders. After what could have been their last venture together, Orson and L.P. began to recruit others, misfits just as the two of them, and suddenly, their adventures turned into missions.

Each member of the team had their roles to play, and all were at the peak of their game. The Contessa played an integral part in a later task to retrieve Orson’s Last Will and Testament from the Nine-Fold Daughters of Xao. Then as Randall was hunted by the Prince of Orphans, it was Shadu the Shady that was the first to be alerted by the Prince’s presence, and it was Chores MacGillicuddy that put his life on the line to save Randall from that very same menace after escaping imprisonment by the Cowgirls from Hell. It was after that battle that Orson dissolved the group because he did not want his friends to pay for his crimes. However, the one member of the group that stood by Randall’s side longer than anyone else was Wendell Rand. Stubborn and seemingly fearless, Wendell wanted to one day possess the mantle of the Iron Fist just like Orson, but as fate would have it, Wendell was shot and almost killed. Orson left Wendell in the hands of his enemy, the Prince of Orphans, in order for him to recover from his wounds. It wasn’t the last time Orson and Wendell would see each other, but it marked the end of their long partnership.

The Confederates of the Curious grew older, but they lived extraordinarily long lives, due to the many times Randall used his healing powers to save them from their injuries. L.P., or Ernst Erskine, was visited by Randall’s successor Danny Rand, Wendell’s son, and Erskine shared some of his exploits with Orson. He told Danny that Shadu had recently passed away and the Contessa had gone completely blind. Danny informed him of Orson’s death and how he died as a hero. Erskine was sad to hear about it but happy Orson could finally stop running. As the two spoke throughout the day, Danny had to spring into action when a few Hydra goons interrupted his visit and attacked the villa Erskine lived in. Danny made quick work of the soldiers and had the pleasure of meeting Chores and the Contessa before heading back to K'un-Lun. Erskine showed Danny his private library spotlighting the life and times of Orson Randall, before going back to his old friends to read them another story of the incredible Orson Randall.

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