Cybermancer (Earth-9528)

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Brought to Earth-616 from an alternate time line Earth-9528 by a corrupted Iron Man, Cybermancer was to serve on Force Works as a replacement for their absent member, Century. The rest of the group was surprised by her sudden endorsement, but the debate was cut short when Iron Man revealed the news of two recent murders at Avengers Mansion. Thanks to a forged video, the prime suspect was Hawkeye, but everyone save Iron Man and his new recruit doubted his guilt. Using an unsuspecting U.S.Agent as bait to lure Hawkeye out in the open, Iron Man and Cybermancer took Hawkeye down and brought him back to Force Works headquarters. While the team was away on a mission in Viet Nam, Cybermancer was knocked unconscious by an unknown armored assailant, and U.S.Agent left the compound with Hawkeye in tow.

It was soon discovered by Amanda Chaney, Force Works publicist, that beneath the Force Works base existed a hidden sub-basement and in it was a freezer, among other extremely advanced technological devices, which held the cryogenically frozen body of Suzi Endo. Amanda was soon discovered and permanently silenced by Iron Man who was being manipulated by Immortus (in the guise of Kang) at the time.War Machine, who also helped Hawkeye escape, revisited Force Works HQ right after Century returned from his own solo mission, and the two were attacked by Iron Man and the alternate timeline Suzi Endo. Century departed with Rachel Carpenter, daughter of Spider-Woman, and left War Machine behind at his command. After the devastating battle between the former armored allies tore apart some of the command center, Cybermancer was left behind to deal with the rest of the returning heroes. As the Avengers dealt with Iron Man and Kang, the compound’s automatic defenses and even Cybermancer herself were defeated by Force Works. The real Suzi was released from her stasis chamber and she eventually confronted her techno-organic duplicate. Suzi was told by her counterpart that they were one in the same except the cyber-Suzi came from an alternate future where the world was ravaged by war and power was needed to survive. The manipulated Iron Man used a time portal to bring the evil Cybermancer into this timeline, and it can be assumed that the alternate reality Suzi was the one who knocked her other self unconscious, stored her in the freezer, and took her place among Force Works.

The time portal was suddenly re-opened, and two of the techno-Suzi’s associates came through looking for her-the extremely dangerous and highly evolved Ultron and her mechanoid lover, Wonder Man. Liberating her from her prison, the three foreign entities went in search of the Cybermancer suit, but the real Suzi took it from its storage container in order to keep it out of her wicked twin’s hands. Force Works was told that the time line Ultron, Wonder Man, and the techno-organic Suzi came from was completely destroyed, so Force Works decided that they would try to help them survive on their Earth. The damage was too great, however, because the still opened gateway soon took back what was originally from that world and claimed the lives of techno-organic Suzi and Ultron. In an attempt to close the portal and stop the destruction, Wonder Man sacrificed himself by diving back into the dimensional doorway. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to seal the portal shut, but the real Suzi showed up with the Cybermancer armor and used the costume’s gauntlet to remote control the suit and send it back where it came from to permanently seal the gateway.




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