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The months leading up to Apocalypse's first strike against America were the happiest of young Alison Blaire's life. She had released her first album and had become a pop sensation. Unfortunately, the world would have little use for pop stars in the coming years.

In the initial strike, Carter Blaire bribed a woman to guide Alison to a safe location. However, Carter did not realize the woman was actually Mystique in disguise. Mystique intended to dump her "human cargo" in some small backwoods town until she discovered Alison was actually a mutant with the ability to transform sound into light.

Mystique delivered Alison to Magneto and she became part of his new team of mutants training to become X-Men. Already known by most of the young mutants around her, Dazzler developed a bit of a diva attitude. That all changed the day the son of Apocalypse, Nemesis, came to destroy all that Magneto had built.

While Magneto and the rest of the X-Men were off on a mission, the Scarlet Witch gave her life to prevent Nemesis from harming any of the younger mutants in her care. Witnessing the sacrifice of the Scarlet Witch, Alison decided to fully focus on becoming an X-Man and honoring the memory of Wanda Maximoff. Alison's "hard light" projections provided a valuable asset to the X-Men, helping them in simulation training.

Before the final battle to defeat Apocalypse, Dazzler -- accompanying an X-Men team led by Quicksilver -- assisted mutant-hunting Sentinels evacuate humans to Europe. The team's mission was a success, despite being attacked by a small group of Apocalypse's elite shock troops, and they returned to the X-Men's Westchester base.

As the nuclear attack began, Dazzler convinced her fellow X-Man (and boyfriend) Exodus to teleport them away. Believing the world was about to end, she returned to her childhood home hoping to find her father and reunite with him, but he was not there.

Months later, Exodus was sent on a secret mission along with his fellow X-Men Wild Child, Iceman, and Morph. They have not been heard from since. Alison has continued to fight with and for the X-Men, awaiting Exodus' return.




130 lbs




Strawberry blonde

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