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Wanda MaximoffScarlet Witch



The Scarlet Witch was the daughter of Magneto and the sister of Quicksilver. She shared her father's dream of a world where humans and mutants could co-exist with one another and joined his X-Men to see his dream come to life. With the insistence of her father she trained everyday in the Killing Zone along with her fellow X-Men. When Mystique brought Rogue to the base, Scarlet Witch volunteered to show her around. However, the X-Men were soon called into battle when Apocalypse's Horsemen attacked Cape Citadel. Magneto asked Wanda to stay behind to take care of the other students in case he never made it back alive. As they left, they were unaware of another foe approaching the base-Nemesis. As he began attacking the base and killing students with his bio-genetic microwave blasts, Wanda was leading the remaining students to the underground shelters. She asked Rogue to lead the youngest students safely from harm but Rogue had disappeared outside to protect the base from Nemesis. As Nemesis attacked Rogue, he was caught off-guard by one of Wanda's hexes. This attack had actually hurt Nemesis, something which he didn't think possible. As an act of revenge, Nemesis brutally killed Wanda.




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