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Irene AdlerDestiny



After the rise of Apocalypse, Destiny, with the aid of Mystique, helped build Avalon, a refuge in the Antarctic for people to escape the brutality of Apocalypse's rule. When Bishop surfaced and claimed the existence of another reality in which Xavier stilled lived and Apocalypse did not rule, Magneto sent Nightcrawler to bring Destiny to him in order to verify Bishop's claims. As this was happening, a mutant named Switchback arrived in Avalon seeking refuge. When Destiny touched the girl's hand, she foresaw the destruction of Avalon by Apocalypse's army. When Nightcrawler arrived to take Destiny back to America with him, she was reluctant to go in case her absence led to her premonition becoming true. When the Pale Riders and the Shadow King attacked, Destiny's son Doug was killed in the battle attempting to save his mother. Destiny vowed to bring down Apocalypse's rule once and for all and returned to America with Nightcrawler. When Destiny came into contact with the M'Krann Crystal, she saw the truth in Bishop's statement and entered the Crystal with Illyana Rasputin and Bishop to successfully restore the timeline. Destiny returned to Avalon shortly thereafter.




110 lbs.


No visible sclera



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