Switchback (Age of Apocalypse)




Switchback was a street mutant from Detroit who learned of the existence of Avalon, a haven to escape the massacre in America caused by Apocalypse. She learned of the whereabouts of Avalon and traveled along with some friends to go there. Unfortunately her friends died along the way forcing Switchback to make the remainder of the journey on her own. She eventually reached the Infernal Gallop and was ferried across by Mystique, who was under disguise at the time. She was then greeted by the man called Cain who lead her the rest of the way. After days of traveling together, Switchback and Cain eventually arrived in Avalon and were welcomed by Destiny, a mutant with the ability to predict the future. However, when Destiny touched Switchback's hand, she saw the destruction of Avalon by Apocalypse's forces.

Days later, Nightcrawler and Mystique arrived in Avalon, and Destiny introduced them to Switchback, telling them about her vision. When Damask and Dead Man Wade began to attack Avalon, Mystique gave Switchback a gun to help defend Avalon. They eventually defeated Dead Man Wade with Damask's aid, who turned sides after witnessing the beauty of Avalon. Unfortunately the attack was far from over with Shadow King trying to possess Switchback's mind. Switchback used her mutant ability to go back in her own timeline to get rid of this "funny headache". However Shadow King simply used his powers to possess the minds of the other inhabitants of Avalon. X-Calibre, Damask and Switchback helped to defeat Shadow King temporarily but Shadow King then took over the mind of Mystique. Nightcrawler came up with an idea of how to save his mother from the Shadow King without killing her. He teleported with Switchback and Damask, using Switchback as a means to extend his teleportation time, and Damask as a means of attacking Shadow King in the dimension between Nightcrawler's teleports. Having defeated Shadow King once and for all, Nightcrawler and Destiny returned to America to bring down Apocalypse's reign while Switchback and the rest remained in Avalon.








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