Dog Brother Number 1

Sihing (last name unrevealed)Dog Brother Number 1



It is unsure when the legends of Dog Brother #1 began, but one thing is certain. In all his exploits, Dog Brother was known to defend the weak, the lost and the forgotten – especially children and dogs that would, in turn, fight at his side.

A young boy named Sihing, orphaned at an early age after his parents were killed at the start of The First Opium War, lived on the streets and had to learn to take care of himself. He met another boy named Sidai and took him under his wing – watching out for and protecting him. Sihing constantly told Sidai stories of Dog Brother such as when he saved children from bad men who had them mining for diamonds, or when Dog Brother took on a band of masterless ronin. He tried to teach Sidai about honor and sacrifice even after the two were forced to become opium mules for a ruthless gang. Sihing was so protective of Sidai that he even murdered a corrupt cop when he made inappropriate advances to the small boy. The resulting scandal leading back to the gang Sihing was working for made their leader furious, and he decided to make an example of the boys. Sihing and Sidai were taken to a ship where they were mercilessly beaten. Sidai had given up hope of rescue even though Sihing had faith Dog Brother would save them. Sidai had heard enough stories and his last few moments alive were spent in rage at his longtime friend. Sihing watched as the gang leader beat Sidai to death in front of him.

Sihing somehow found a hidden strength to break free of his bonds, unleashing his anger by using the fighting moves he learned from the tales of Dog Brother #1 against Sidai's killer. It was a battle he was winning until the rest of the hoodlums chose to step in and aid their leader. Fortunately, their intentions would not bear fruit for the real Dog Brother finally showed and made quick work of the gang, and Sihing's life was spared. In the end, Dog Brother spoke with Sihing, telling the boy his time had come to claim the mantle from a man past his prime. He swore the dog pack would fight at Sihing's side, and in time, he would learn to become a great warrior too. Sihing didn't want to at first, but his hero demanded Sihing to do what needed to be done and never look to the past. Sihing took the life of Dog Brother #1, presumably as he did to the man who bore the title before him, and with his death, Sihing inherited the armor, the swords, the legend of Dog Brother #1 and the responsibility to help it persevere by adding more of his own stories to it.

One such story would come when the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven would merge together, pitting their champions against one another in an extravagant competition.

Dog Brother #1's debut in the tournament was less than spectacular. After Bride of Nine Spiders unleashed a swarm of spiders on him, Dog Brother #1 took the fight to her, and the two were tossed from the Heart of Heaven for unknown arenas. What took place after that was mystery to all, but once his pack began to howl, all in attendance knew that Dog Brother #1 had been defeated. Dog Brother #1's next appearance at the tournament was to announce the contest between Fat Cobra and the Prince of Orphans. However, the Prince wanted to face Davos instead. At that night’s festivities, Dog Brother #1 and Iron Fist asked the Prince of Orphans to sit with them at their table, and he had to be restrained by Iron Fist when the Prince ignored them. However, it wasn’t long before the Prince of Orphans returned and asked to sit with the other Immortal Weapons just as Dog Brother #1 was spinning a tale of a past conquest. The Prince asked the prankster-assassin to stand by his side as a group of terrorists known as Hydra was about to demolish the fabled city of K'un-Lun. Dog Brother #1, always ready for a fight, may have decided to aid the Prince anyway, but the added threat to his city definitely made him an ally. After the conflict left Hydra beaten, Dog Brother #1 decided to stay on Earth with the rest of the combatants of the other seven cities.

Dog Brother #1 was on hand when the villain, Zhou Cheng, came to kill Iron Fist. His dog pack assisted in rescuing the children that were being used as hostages in order to lure Rand out in the open, and he was there when a bomb exploded in Cheng's apartment, almost killing him and his teammates. Dog Brother #1 also went on the journey with the Immortal Weapons to the Eighth Capital City of Heaven. Dog Brother was imprisoned and tormented along with the rest, but his spirit would simply not be tamed. Fighting with a frenzy only a wild animal could possess, Dog Brother slaughtered many in order to escape that foul place and reach the Earth once again.









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