Repeated use of the Darkhold weaken the dimensional barrier, and Chthon sent the mysterious Dwarf to Earth. Obtaining the original Darkhold pages separated from the bound tome, the dwarf offered people pages as a solution to their woes. To oppose this, the occult scholar Louise Hastings with interpol agent Sam Buchanan and Victoria Montesi, daughter of Vittorio, Giuseppe's younger brother and successor as headed of St. Gabriel's Library. As the Darkhold Redeemers - later joined by Hastings' grandson Jinx and a rehabilitated Modred the Mystic. They tracked the pages' use, which Victoria could sense, and they collected the pages to prevent further usage. The Dwarf was very successful in his efforts despite the formidable opposition of the Redeemers.

Page users and spells via the Dwarf included: Donald Walsh gained immortality but only by being transformed into "Chameleon Worms," Morton Thurnton summoned the Hellhound, which ultimately devoured him to recover a Darkhold page he had eaten to hide it; Aurora Poule attained beauty but then was raped; Aurora subsequently used a revenge spell that led Chthon's N'Garai demon spawn to slaughter her hometown of Perfection; Reverend Styge obtained resurrection powers before being slain by the Punisher (Frank Castle); the aged and paralyzed Clair Van Ripper summoned a demon to commit murders she could no longer do herself; imprisoned serial killer Norman Zachos sought to escape his paranoid visions only to be tormented by real demons; Reginald Hayward's memory spell unwittingly caused demons to mirror the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack; Sarrah Roberts' wish spell summoned the "Wish-demon" who fulfilled wishes in the most violent way possible; Louis Hastings used the wish spell page to summon the Other but only to tell it she refused to fall for the trick of using it to revive her deceased daughter, Caprice; Jinx used the wish spell to save Victoria; vampire hunter Blade used the Demogorge page, becoming Switchblade and attempting to eradicate all occult beings, including his allies; Louise Hastings sacrificed her own soul to reverse the Demogorge spell, restoring Blade and his victims; Frank West's spell enabled him to see the Troids, which emerged from the skin of the victims he beat, but eventually he went mad imagining a Troid queen trapped him; Johnny Farmer became the Harvestor, able to graft other people's parts to his own body; Modred sought to restore his own soul but surrendered it again after learning his beloved Janice had lost her soul in exchange: Morbius stole Styge's Resurrection page form the Redeemers to revive his deceased lover, Martine, though she was possessed by the demonic Lilin Parasite; Victoria's "spell of healing" saved her lover, Nash, but the demon Monstrosity retraced Victoria's steps, slaying all it encountered until she renounced the spell; and Spider-Man fan Brian Kornfeld was transformed into the monstrous Spider-X. the Dwarf presented Sam Buchanan with a page that would make Victoria love him, but he refused to use it. around this time the Darklove page was used in Manhattan, briefly unleashing Darklove.

Note: This page is dedicated to the Dwarf and not the Darkhold as a whole.




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