Victoria Montesi

Victoria Montesi


MIDNIGHT SONS: BLOOD HUNT #1 cover by Ken Lashley


'Midnight Sons: Blood Hunt' Reunites Marvel's Original Group of Supernatural Heroes

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CRYPT OF SHADOWS #1 cover by Leinil Francis Yu


'Crypt of Shadows' #1 First Look Dredges Up Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, and More Mystical Mayhem

A special first look at Marvel's 'Crypt of Shadows' #1 anthology reveals new stories about Elsa Bloodstone, Morbius, and more.

Crypt of Shadows #1 Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU


Marvel Comics Celebrates Halloween with Terrifying Stories Starring Moon Knight, Blade, and More in 'Crypt of Shadows' #1

An all-star lineup of talent take readers to the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe in 'Crypt of Shadows' #1, a special Halloween one-shot coming this October!



Chris Cooper on Northstar and the Historic 'Alpha Flight' #106 Issue

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Born to an Italian father who was Priest that had been given the special task of protecting the world from the darkest sorcery known to man. (This sorcery was collected in the Darkhold also known as the "Book of Sins.") He wished more for a son than a daughter, her mother was an American. Victoria Montesi felt that she was never good enough for her family. She left for Rome to be a nurse and lived with her girl friend, Nash. After an explosion at her apartment, she ended up as a target for the Darkholders. While in the hospital recovering from her wounds, Vicki received her own body guard which was an Interpol agent named Sam Buchanan.

Dr. Louise Hasting would be contacted by the Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze who sought to protect her, Vicki and Sam from the demon queen Lilith and her demonic children the Lilin. After slipping out of the hospital undetected Vicki and Sam are attacked by a clan of Darkholder ninjas, which they easily defeat. They decided to travel to New York City. She later met up with old family friend Professor Louise Hastings. Together they would form the Darkhold Redeemers, and track down the pages of the "Book of Sins."

Later Vicki would also become a member of the Midnight Sons and take part in the Siege of Darkness. During these events Vicki and her friends battled the sorceress Salomé of the Fallen, a number of Lilin, Blood, and Zarathos. It was during the final battle with Zarathos, that Vicki discovered that she was pregnant by unnatural means. Not long after this surprise Vicki discovered that she was the spawn of Chthon, and her pregnancy would be his doorway back to Earth. This devastating revelation separated her from the Darkhold Redeemers and the team quickly dissolved.

Dr. Strange took Victoria to his temporary Sanctum Sanctorum, and placed her within a stasis box, to halt the flow of time around her in an effort to prevent the birth of Chthon. As she slept, she had somewhat incoherent dreams. The strange girl known as Sister Nil observed Vicki while she was within the stasis box. Modred the Mystic attacked the Tempo Building only to be defeated by Dr. Strange. Chthon sent the Midwife to Earth to ensure that he would be born again. Vicki’s pregnancy and labor was eventually terminated, she did survived this ordeal although her current whereabouts remain a mystery.









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