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The ninja known as the East Wind belongs to an ancient order called the Four Winds, serving their spiritual leader the Master of the Four Winds. When his leader, also known as Timothy Lee, was framed for killing a prostitute, the East Wind was summoned and sent to New York to slay the man who was truly responsible, Richard "Pig" Malone. Malone was under police protection because he agreed to testify against Lee in court, and Elektra was hired to make sure Malone remained in one piece. The North Wind found Malone first but was killed by Elektra. East Wind tracked her along with the South and West Winds through the wound their fallen teammate gave her before his demise. Although hesitant to fight one protected by the Hand, the East Wind let his throwing stars fly which inadvertently led to South Wind's death. Once the West Wind filled the room with cloud cover in an attempt to confuse Elektra, East Wind was surprised instead and knocked unconscious by a kick to the head. Moments after Elektra left, East Wind was questioned by Shang-Chi and swore the Four Winds would rise again.






White (no visible iris)



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