El Gato (Luis Anaya)

Luis AnayaEl Gato



El Gato was a neighborhood medicine man that was said to have great magic abilities. Many superstitious individuals feared his power enabling him to do as he wished. One woman, Teresa Mendez, stood up to el Gato after she claimed he killed her mother using herbs and incense to cure her illness when she really needed open heart surgery. El Gato wanted Teresa to pay her mother's debts, and when she refused it seemed as if her life, and the lives of those around her, became cursed. Continuing for several weeks, Teresa could not stomach watching others suffer for her defiance. She attempted to take her own life, but she was saved by Omega.

El Gato was not about to let Teresa get away from him, and he traveled to the second-hand-shop where she was recovering to claim her. Gramps, the shop's owner, and Omega were not about to let her go without a fight, but el Gato's uncanny powers proved to be more than a match for mere brawn. Much to Omega's disappointment, el Gato triumphed and took Teresa for his bride. The night of the ceremony to solidify the pact between husband and wife, Omega broke into el Gato's home and interrupted the ritual. The two men fought, but this time it was Omega who had the upper hand. The final victory was achieved when Teresa used a mystic branding iron to seal el Gato's powers inside him – and against him – forever.









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