Eleanor Bishop, mother to Kate and Susan, raises her children to be charitable with their money and time, and leads by example.


Family and Fortune

Eleanor marries rich publishing magnate Derek Bishop and together they have two daughters, Katherine “Kate” Elizabeth and Susan. They live in Manhattan, New York, where Eleanor donates her time and money to charity. Kate, AKA Hawkeye follows in her mother’s footsteps.

Eleanor tells a young Kate about the necklace that she wears, which represents herself, Kate, and Susan, and how they’re all linked together forever.



Eleanor is talented at hiding and not wanting to be found, proving she can stay under the radar, keeping up the façade of her death. She is also a skilled at negotiating an arrangement that protects her daughter Kate from her enemies.

After she becomes a half-vampire, Eleanor retains her soul and gains vampire abilities that have yet to be fully revealed.


Keeping Enemies Closer

Eleanor’s enemies include her husband Derek, who killed her and left her to become a half-vampire creature searching for a cure. It’s in this second more secretive life that she works alongside the nefarious Giulietta Nefaria, AKA Madame Masque, to get revenge on her killer, but she finds the mystery of his connections to Masque deepens.


Family Ties

Eleanor is close with her daughter Kate. After her seeming demise, she keeps an eye on her from afar. Despite ordering around Kate’s nemesis, Madame Masque, she is impressed with her daughter’s abilities as the hero Hawkeye.


A Secretive History

Feeling uncomfortable with her wealthy financial status in life, Eleanor donates her time and money to soup kitchens, women’s shelters, and other worthy causes. At one point, her marriage with Derek Bishop becomes strained, which results in Derek keeping Kate from her mother. Eleanor tracks Kate down to a camp in the Adirondack Mountains in New York where she gave the camp director an earful about seeing her daughter. When Kate suddenly walks in on them, Eleanor acts strangely. Kate questions why she is not in Barbados. Derek walks in, calling Eleanor’s behavior unacceptable. Just then, Eleanor whispers in Kate’s ear that there is one chance to leave and the time is now. However, Derek grabs Eleanor by the arm, prompting Eleanor to apologize to Kate and promise that they’ll be back tomorrow to pick her up.

After Eleanor was killed in Boulder, Colorado, Derek raises their two daughters alone. Kate gets more involved in charity, as well as trains in self-defense. She eventually dons a costume and becomes the hero known as Hawkeye, the protégé to the original Avenger Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye.

Meanwhile, Eleanor apparently survives the attempt on her life and enters a deal with Madame Masque, Kate’s nemesis who has been parading around in a cloned body of Kate—wearing a mask of course. Masque is determined to eliminate Kate, but Eleanor stands in the way and threatens to end her if she doesn’t get out of Kate’s cloned body. Masque agrees showing Eleanor that she truly held the cards in their arrangement.

It isn’t until Eleanor was forced to reveal herself to Kate that her daughter learns the truth that she is still alive. Eleanor had not only died, but is now a half-vampire, and has additionally joined with Masque to find a cure. But her efforts turn into a fairy tale as Masque had been working with a vampire cult, the Temple of the Shifting Sun. The cult believes that Kate’s best friend America Chavez, AKA America, is their prophesied chosen one, but Eleanor, convinced it’s not true, bites Chavez to prove them wrong—a potentially perilous moment that Kate witnesses. 

Suddenly, Kate punches Eleanor in the face, forcing her to break free of Chavez, leaving her mother to explain herself. She reveals that she partnered with Masque in secret so she could take revenge on her killer, her husband and Kate’s father, Derek, who had ruined her life. She also discovers Derek was actually aligned with Masque, so the reasons for her joining Masque kept piling up. Before Kate leaves her mother out of disgust with this gaping unresolved conflict between them, Eleanor warns Kate to never trust her father. Eleanor sobs as she watches her daughter leave.



Known Relatives