Elena Chavez

Dr. Elena Pecoso ChavezElena Chavez

A brilliant pathologist and mother of two, Dr. Elena Chavez works hard to keep her daughters safe, right up to the end.


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A scientist and mother, Elena Chavez dedicates her efforts to finding a cure for Edges Syndrome, a disease which her daughter America develops.


Bronx Born

Hailing from the Bronx, very little is known about Elena Chavez. She pursues the medical field in school and becomes an accomplished pathologist. At some point, she meets Amalia. The two begin a relationship and eventually marry. They have two children, America and Catalina, both who possess the gene for the degenerative Edges Syndrome.


Scientific Acumen

Elena embraced science and worked hard to become a doctor. She and Amalia came close to curing Edges Syndrome, but did not quite crack it. When she came to worry about Mr. Gales' intentions for their daughter America, Elena pushed to get them all out of there. Though she died in the process, Elena encouraged the Starlings and her daughters to fight back, ultimately playing an important role in their freedom.


Family First

Elena married Amalia and the two went on to have to daughters, America and Catalina. They both went to work for mysterious tech genius Mr. Gales when their daughters proved to have the genes presenting Edges Syndrome. While working for him, they began treating a variety of girls, including America, who became known as the Starlings. When Gales crossed the line to them, the women decided to run off with the Starlings.


Living On the Edge

Elena and Amalia Chavez married and eventually had a pair of daughters named America and Catalina. Both girls possessed the genes for the degenerative condition for Edges Syndrome, though it only manifested in America. The scientist couple focused their efforts on curing the condition which garnered the attention of enigmatic tycoon Mr. Gales who was also looking into Edges Syndrome.

The Chavez' traveled to Gales' island off of Long Island roughly 15 years ago to listen to his pitch about coming to work for him in that reclusive spot. He revealed the Utopia Parallel, a containment unit that collected the unique energy flowing through the island that effected time and space. When those with Edges entered, their condition became more manageable in many cases. In the case of America, it pushed her Edges Syndrome into remission and also gave her super powers like the ability to open portals, fly and exhibit super strength.

When they began to question Gales' intentions, Elena pushed for them to make an escape. Not just her family, but all of the girls on the island. First they drugged Gales and hacked the facility's systems. Then, while Elena grabbed their daughters, Amalia went off to free the other captives. She sacrificed herself blowing up a part of the facility while on the phone with Elena, America and Catalina.

Elena met up with the rest of the Starlings, but when they were confronted by Gales he shot the woman in front of all the girls. While dying Elena encouraged the Starlings to fight back which they did. Elena passed away after telling America to remember the good about that place. America managed to use her gateway-opening powers, but Catalina was snatched by Gales.

In the wake of her mothers' deaths, America developed a fantastical version of their lives set in a timeless place called the Utopia Parallel. When Catalina found America, she forced her sister to remember the truth. Catalina had carried on the research of her mothers, first being forced by Gale, and then on her own. The sisters attempted to use America's powers to bring their mothers back and even heard their voices, but the opening sucked Catalina in. Afterwards, America made sure that the research started by her parents and continued by her sister would make its way into the world.



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