Elloe Kaifi

Elloe Kaifi


Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'


Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'

Say hello to the planet Sakaar, where the biggest battles take place at the Grand Arena! Choose your fighter in the newest season of 'MARVEL SNAP'!



Elloe Kaifi is a young woman born into the aristocratic classes as the daughter of Fifth Regional Community Congress Representative Ronan Kaifi. Elloe was born after years after the Spike War. Elloe's early childhood was relatively carefree. She enjoyed most of the privileges of the Imperial upper classes, including a classical education in the secondary Forums, weekend summer trips aboard Imperial Pleasure Cruisers, and spacious living quarters in the gated mansions far from the squalor of the slave quarters of downtown Rundi. Elloe's greatest personal distinction came from her participation in the Olympia Imperia, an annual series of competitive displays of physical beauty and prowess through which young aristocratic women debut into Imperial society. Elloe's grace and skill in various competitions during her debut years earned her great acclaim and attention of numerous prospective suitors. But shortly after her appearances, Wildebot problems among her father's constituency began to increase, promoting him to speak out against the Empire's policies more than ever before. In 560 Post, when the tributes owed to the Empire by his constituents were increased two fold to help pay for the Emperor's War against the Fillians. Ronan Kaifi addressed a series of petitions to the Emperor, all of which were ignored. Investigating the situation, Ronan Kaifi learned of the true extent of the neglect of his people by the Empire, leading him to begin talks with the growing rebel movement in Fillia. But the more critical Ronan became, the more his family began to be ostracized by the Imperial society, eventually culminating in a series of assignation attempts which Kaifi believed were sponsored by the Red King himself. Kaifi was finally arrested along with his Elloe and his retainer and bodyguard Lavin Skee. After being sent to the Maw, Ronan was killed before his daughter’s eyes. Elloe became part of the Hulk|Green Scar’s crew of gladiators and survived the horrors of the Maw, partly due to the help of Skee and partly due to her own rage. She became committed to the destruction of the Empire and the Emperor and, during Skee’s temporary absences, was the only member of the Green Scar’s team to side with insurgent rebels when given the chance aboard the Pleasure Cruiser. Elloe was imprisoned for her allegiance to the rebels while Skee went with the Green Scar’s crew to fight in the Great Games.

Although Skee was killed in battle, the Green Scar and his crew defeated the Silver Savage the very next day, thus fulfilling the terms required to claim their freedom. But Lieutenant Caiera the Oldstrong, the Emperor’s Shadow, revealed one final test for them: they have to kill the captive Elloe in order to gain their freedom. The Green Scar and the others instead chose to rebel against the Empire, tearing a hole in the wall of the Great Arena and escaping into the Twisted Wood. Rejoining the Green Scar, Elloe remains one of his crew’s angriest members, always agitating for the course of action that will lead to direct conflict with the forces of the Empire.




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