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Your Definitive Guide to Wakanda: The Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Atlas Is Available Now

We dive deep into Wakanda’s history and culture with Atlas creator and ‘Rise of the Black Panther’ writer Evan Narcisse.


See Another Side to Wakanda in ‘Black Panther: Unconquered’

Writer Bryan Edward Hill returns to one of Marvel’s most unique locales in a new special starring T’Challa, out in comic shops now.


'Wakanda' #3 First Look Explores Erik Killmonger's Rocky Childhood

In a special first look at 'Wakanda' #3, a young man named N'Jadaka starts down the path that will make him Erik Killmonger when he embarks on a deadly mission for Ulysses Klaw.


Black Panther Comics to Read Now

Series, story arcs, and starting points from the world of Wakanda!