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Teresa VasquezFer-de-Lance



A criminal from Puerto Rico, Fer-de-Lance was a member of the fourth Serpent Squad, sent by Viper to rob casinos in Las Vegas in hopes of getting noticed by Sidewinder and the Serpent Society. Murdering several civilians, Fer-de-Lance and the Squad were defeated by Captain America and his allies, and sent to prison. Fortunately, they succeeded in getting Sidewinder's attention, who then freed the Squad from prison and invited them to join the Serpent Society.

As a member of the Serpent Society, Fer-de-Lance befriended Diamondback. However, once Viper's invasion of the Society began, Fer-de-Lance quickly turned on Diamondback and Sidewinder, discovering them hiding in a computer room. Fer-de-Lance quickly attacked, but was electrocuted when Diamondback dodged Fer-de-Lance's razors, sending her into one of the computer machines.

Fer-de-Lance recovered, and voted guilty during Diamondback's trial. After Diamondback escaped her death sentence, Fer-de-Lance and Cottonmouth were ambushed by Captain America, who followed their Serpent Saucer back to the Society headquarters. Fer-de-Lance was easily defeated by the super hero, and taken into custody. She resurfaced with the other Society members when King Cobra was searching for a successor, and battled Jack Flag.




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