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Serpent Squad



The original Serpent Squad was founded by the Viper, along with his brother the Eel and fellow snake-themed villain, the Cobra. They escaped from prison and banded together in attempt to tarnish Captain America's reputation by use of advertisement. Catching on to their scheme, Captain America and the Falcon battled and defeated the Serpent Squad, sending them back to prison.

Madame Hydra later reunited the Serpent Squad, killing the original Viper and taking his codename. She also invited Princess Python to join the group. The Serpent Squad was confronted by Nomad, who was able to defeat the Eel and Princess Python easily. However, the battle ended with Viper escaping and the Cobra near death after being shot in the back.

Hugh Jones then proceeded to form his own Serpent Squad under leadership of former Economics professor Sidewinder. He, along with Anaconda, Death Adder, and Black Mamba were sent to retrieve the Serpent Crown. After a battle with the Thing, Stingray, and Triton, the group finally found the Crown and Sidewinder was able to escape and return it to Jones. The group later, without Sidewinder, worked as freelance mercenaries in a mission that brought them up against Iron Man. Eventually, they received invitations to join Sidewinder's Serpent Society, along with former Serpent Squad members the Cobra and Princess Python.

However, a new Serpent Squad popped up, comprised of Copperhead, Fer-de-Lance, Puff Adder, and Black Racer. Unknown to Captain America or the Serpent Society, the group was actually under command of Viper's. She later managed to gain the trust of several other Serpent Society members and attempted to dethrone Sidewinder. After the battle subsided, Cobra became the leader of the Serpent Society, and the members of the fourth Serpent Squad were assimilated into the team.

Recently, a new incarnation of the team surfaced with Sin as leader, a new Viper, Eel, and Cobra. They attacked the White House under the orders of the Red Skull, however Captain America, attacked and defeated them all except for Sin.

Base of Operations
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