Fetish was a member of the Coven Cult that was responsible for trying to bring the Dark Age of Man to Earth at the end of each century. She was one of the three lower leaders of the Cult that served under the telepath Blood Shadow. The assassins of the Coven sought to find the priestess Kayla, on the Isle of Koma Koi, through the sacrificial mark that made her the herald of the Dark Age, they were unable to capture due to the interference of Wolverine. Fetish was ordered to find her, and she had discovered that Kayla had given her mark to another person. Vex assisted Fetish in locating Kayla and Wolverine by reading the intestines of a fallen assassin. While attempted to steal the Tear of Heaven from the Temple of the Sun, Fetish used the Flames of the Faltines to set him on fire. Wolverine escaped the flames by throwing Vex into her. Blood Shadow joined the battle and was able to render Wolverine unconscious by attacking his nerve clusters.









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