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The identity of the mysterious Blood Shadow remained a mystery. He was the leader of the fanatic Coven cult, which at the end of each century tried to bring a Dark Age to Earth with the Tear of Heaven. The Coven hired the mercenary Cyber to bring them the gem called the Tear of Heaven and the priestess Kayla, who bore the sacrificial mark. Cyber was able to locate and return the gem, but Kayla alluded him on the Isle of Koma Koi. Blood Shadow reminded Cyber of all his failures and then ordered Fetish to locate Kayla. He also ordered one of the lower leaders of the cult by the name of Vex to read the future from the intestines of a beaten assassin.

Fetish was unable to apprehend Kayla due to the intervention of the X-Man, Wolverine. Blood Shadow commanded her to finish him, however, she was unable to. Wolverine defeated all the lower leaders of Coven, leaving Blood Shadow to face him alone. The braggadocios Blood Shadow use his telepathy to predict Wolverine's attacks allowing to defeat the seasoned veteran.







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