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Gentle is a teenage mutant from Wakanda. Gentle was part of Storm's squad and was among the students of the Xavier Institute who kept their powers after M-Day. Gentle is present when Blindfold tells a story about Magik. Gentle is then taken to Limbo with the other students. In Limbo, Pixie is attacked by N'astirth and Gentle jumps in to save her. He then passes out from the strain on his body. Gentle is brought back to the institute with the other students. After Limbo, Gentle meditates to calm himself and pray about his “violence.” He then states that the vibranium tattoos on his body will not protect him forever and that he will die because of them. Not long after, a O*N*E Sentinel goes rogue and attacks the institute. Gentle activates his powers like never before; increasing his muscle mass, height, and weight to dangerous degrees. Knowing that his life may be over, he does his best to stop the Sentinels but is neutralized and left unconscious. Not long after, Gentle defends his sick friends from Predator X. Pixie then teleports them to Muir Island, where they continue to fight with the help of the X-Men.





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