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Formerly a member of the Xavier Institute's Paragons training squad, Megan Gwynn is a cheerful girl who seems to have no difficulties integrating herself with her fellow students and squad members. Nonetheless, Gwynn has shown to be a resolute and pertinacious individual both in training sessions and in the everyday interaction with other adolescents and teachers. Gwynn seems to appreciate her genetic mutation as a gift, especially enjoying her ability to fly, which she frequently exercises. The evaluation on Gwynn's potential reaction to an escalating genetic conflict remains inconclusive. While her cheerful, optimistic attitude may well motivate her to comply with government policy, her steadfast loyalty to her friends and teammates might cause her to join a potential rebellion against any sanctions on the mutant population.

Later, while the New X-Men and other students were telling each other stories, precognitive student Blindfold (Ruth Aldine) recounted the story of Magik (Illyana Rasputin) and the demonic Belasco. Unbeknownst to the New X-Men, Magik had been restored to life by the Scarlet Witch's "House of M" reality warp. Belasco sensed Magik's presence but could not locate her after reality had been restored (M-Day). Desiring to retrieve his apprentice, he recreated a shell of Magik as Darkchild with a body and mind, but lacking a soul; Darkchild escaped into limbo while Belasco overthrew limbo’s current ruler Amanda Sefton. Detecting residual traces of Magik at Xavier's, Belasco pulled the entire Institute into limbo, leaving only Surge and Hellion behind. Learning of Belasco’s plan, Darkchild caused a small group of students to fall into the wilds of limbo. Belasco imprisoned the X-Men then relentlessly interrogated those students he had captured in order to ascertain Darkchild's location. Darkchild offered to help rescue her friends from Belasco only if Pixie gave up her soul thereby enabling Darkchild to forge a bloodstone. Pixie consented, but due to the interference of Anole, only a portion of Pixie's soul was taken. Pixie was left tainted, as the void replacing the part of her soul was filled with black magic. The transference gave Pixie magical powers including the ability to create a shorter version of the Darkchild's Soulsword - a mystical "Souldagger."

Meanwhile, Amanda Sefton teleported the Megaton Sentinel piloted by Alexander Lexington along with Surge and Hellion to Limbo to rescue their teammates. Darkchild and her student allies soon confronted Belasco, allowing the other students to liberate the imprisoned X-Men. Belasco was soon defeated, allowing Darkchild to gain control of limbo. Confronted by her "brother", Colossus, Darkchild returned the Institute, the X-Men and the students to Earth before planning a way to obtain more of Pixie's soul. After returning to Earth, Pixie was taught the ability to teleport, and was offered training by Doctor Strange when she grew older. Pixie was among the New X-Men to battle with Mr. Sinister's Marauders and Stryker's Purifiers to save the life of the first mutant child born since “M-Day.” During that event, Pixie used her Souldagger to liberate the Marauder Malice from Omega Sentinel. Following the apparent death of Professor Xavier, Cyclops closed the Institute.

But with the founding of the San Francisco base, Megan Gwynn has become a full time X-Man. Their time in San Francisco was not the peaceful one that they had expected, as a group of masked men (Later being revealed as part of a Hellfire Club led by Empath) attacked her. This led to a drastic change in her personality, as her disposition had changed over the way she sees herself as being an X-Man, and her efforts became far more attuned with those of her teammates.

She now resides on Utopia, with a large bulk of the mutant community also living there.




121 lbs.




Black and pink; formerly pink

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