Harlequin Hit Man (Herb Hollister)

Herb HollisterHarlequin Hit Man

The mysterious masked menace known as the Harlequin Hit Man has one goal: to tackle and take out their targets.



A hired assassin, Herb Hollister is the Harlequin Hit Man, one of two, and ruthless in his pursuits.


Double Life

Living in Springdale, Connecticut, Herb Hollister and his wife Sheila become good friends with District Attorney Justin Baldwin and father to the city’s newest hero, Robbie Baldwin, AKA Speedball (later Penance).

At some point, the couple secretly become hired killers, tasked with taking out a string of blackmailers and take orders from an unrevealed boss. They both take on the same identity as the Harlequin Hit Man.


Armed Combatant

Herb as the Harlequin Hit Man typically wields a handgun and is adept at firing it and is sometimes a sure shot.  


Superhuman Foes

Herb’s foremost enemy is Speedball who stops him from taking out his targets.


Close Ties

While Herb appears to be friends with Justin Baldwin, he uses him to get to his intended target. His closest tie is his wife Sheila, whom he shares the Harlequin identity with and the duo tag-team their opponents.


An Assassin’s Account

In an effort to take out a slew of blackmailers, Herb teams up with his wife to take them out on orders from a mysterious benefactor. They use information from Justin Baldwin to track down their latest target but Speedball intervened and unmasked them.

Once the husband and wife hit squad were captured, the court case against them died after the clerk at the courthouse mysteriously died. Both Herb and Sheila didn’t reveal much of anything either to indicate who was behind the scenes.

After a jail break flooded the streets of Springdale, Harlequin Hit Man, whether it was Herb or Sheila, was hired by Rebound alongside the Speedball Revenge Squad to capture a kinetically-charged cat known as Niels. Hit Man shot Niels into their ally Sticker, catching the elusive cat. Speedball, however, intervened and sent Hit Man and the others back to prison.





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